Restaurant ESSÉNCIA

Essència by Can Vistabella is an enchanting and magical Mediterranean dining experience.

A charming terrace and soft lighting illuminate the delightful garden scenery, creating a uniquely romantic atmosphere. Our inviting and relaxed ambiance indulges you in the pure gastronomic delights of traditional and local flavours with an emphasis on a farm-to-table philosophy.  

Dining at Can Vistabella is ultra-personal, where the spirited atmosphere connects you to the soul of Ibiza.  A small and cute indoor bar adds an effortless charm to the Ibizan experience, with classic, contemporary cocktails. For a more casual evening, relax beautifully in our outdoor cinema with freshly prepared, healthy and crunchy tapas.  

Essència by Can Vistabella is open every day to hotel guests as well as visitors.


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